We start from the premise that we are at a turning point in the evolution of our world and Canada has the greatest opportunity in our evolution to contribute to creating a better future for our country and our world.

We are doing well. We have demonstrated our interests in contributing to creating better possibilities for our future by what we say and do and how we imagine ourselves as a country and a culture. We can do better. A Canada that cares is a creative Canada.

We imagine Canadians to be a culture which

-respects and appreciates the cultures and contributions of our indigenous peoples to our identity and our culture,

– is respected and appreciated for our contributions to improving the life, the circumstances, the opportunities, and the possibilities for other cultures and countries in our world to create a better future for themselves

-respects our common interest and common responsibility for ensuring the basic human rights we all deserve and need for ourselves and for one another to create a better future,

-respects and appreciates the contribution of our diversity of cultures,

-respects our common interest in creating an environment of custodial stewardship for our world to create a future for our environment.

Canada has created and can create a place in our world contributing to creating communities without borders around our common human interests in pursuing creative possibilities for our future and the future of our world.

Creating a Canada that cares. Creating a Canada known for caring for the earth and for one another. Creating communities without borders around ideas and opportunities to create a better future for ourselves, for one another, and for our world is how we create a new world and how we create a better future for our world. A Canada that cares is a creative Canada.

Roger Chilton
Creating a Canada that Cares
A Creative Manifesto

Creating the Story